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School Introduction

Our school is named after Wu Jinglian, a famous economist in China. Wu traces his ancestry in Yaoguan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and is deeply concerned about the economic development and the education in Changzhou. The School is originated from the Department of Management Engineering established in the 1980s (1984-1995), the Department of Business Administration (1995-2007), the School of Economics and Management (2007-2014) and the School of Business (2014 to now). Changzhou University adjusted the faculty system in May 2020 and the School of Economics was founded then. In June 2021, the school was renamed as Wu Jinglian School of Economics.

At present, the School two postgraduate programs – Applied Economics (first level discipline, academic master) and International Business (professional master) – and three undergraduate programs – International Economy & Trade, Finance, and Financial Engineering. A large number of professional talents have been cultivated with solid theoretical basis for the petrochemical industry around the nation as well as regional economic and social development through years.

The School has made great efforts to build up a teaching and research team with high quality and reasonable structure. Among the full-time faculty, 45% have senior professional titles, 81% have doctoral degrees. Eleven faculty members are entitled as special talents or other academic titles from the province- or ministry-level. Among them are one “Young Social Science Talent” in Jiangsu Province, three young and middle-aged science and technology leaders of “333 Project” in Jiangsu Province, four young and middle-aged academic leaders and four outstanding young backbone teachers of “Blue Project” in Jiangsu universities.

With great focus on scientific research, the School constantly strengthens the organization and management of research and has reached significant achievements. Up to now, our faculty have presided over more than 20 projects of National Social Science Funds and National Natural Science Funds, and over 60 provincial and ministerial level projects, with over 300 high-quality research papers and more than 20 academic books published. Our faculty members have won one first prize and several third prizes of provincial and ministerial excellent achievements in philosophy and social sciences.

Our school has created distinctive features for our research.

Firstly, the School is specialized in the industrial economics with basis on petrochemical energy. With Changzhou University specialized in petrochemical industry, along with tracking research of Jiangsu Provincial Decision-Making Consulting Research Base – Jiangsu Energy Strategy Research Base (original National and Jiangsu Petroleum and Petrochemical Development Strategy Research Base), the School has created a distinctive advantage in strategy, energy economics, and industrial competitiveness concerning petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Secondly, the School is specialized in the green trade driven by innovation. With the strategic needs of synergized development of Yangtze River Delta, innovation demonstration zone in Southern Jiangsu, and the integration of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou, relying on the Jiangsu Provincial Government Research Base on Taiwan – Suzhou Taiwan Economic and Trade Cooperation and Scientific and Technological Innovation Research Center, we make full use of the local feature of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Jiangsu to create distinctive characteristics and advantages in the research of export-oriented economy, green trade, regional innovation, and industrial transformation.

Thirdly, our School is specialized in local financial services oriented to supporting entities. With rich financial resources in the Yangtze River Delta, we refine our scientific research to assist local governments in financial policies and to support local financial institutions in innovative business activities. Thus, we have created comparative advantages in financial markets, monetary policies, and corporate finance.

The School actively explores the reform of talent training, with great attention to the cultivation of students’ scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship ability, and emphasis on the method of study. The employment rate of graduates ranks in the forefront of similar colleges and universities, with high employment quality. A large number of students have willingness to pursue further study around the world.

The School is featured by internationalization. Since 2015, the undergraduate program of International Economy & Trade (in English) as admitted students from Europe, America, Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The School adheres to open education and speeds up the process of international education exchange and cooperation, and has established extensive cooperative relationship with many foreign universities like New York University of Technology, North Dakota University, Malaya University, etc.

The School fully implements the education policy of Communist Party of China, actively explores the reform of talent training by integrating Mr. Wu Jinglian’s academic achievements and scholarship spirit into the classroom teaching. We focus on scientific research, social services and cultural transmission. Centering on the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people, guided by a global vision, it is committed to building a teaching and research school with distinctive characteristics, high-quality development and extensive social influence through the cultivation of high-quality talents.

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